FITstep Pro PowerPlus Pedometer Packs

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Customized packs include our FITstep Pro pedometer, plus everything needed to easily assess students in class!

All-inclusive packs provide the best pedometers and storage you can find, paired with accessories and training charts for a complete assessment solution! Heavy-duty custom case features a laser-cut foam interior that protects pedometers and easily shows if all are returned after use, while also storing other pack contents. The included USB hub allows up to 10 pedometers to be connected at once for an even faster upload and assessment time. Training charts provide premium instruction on pedometer operation with large, crisp demonstration photos and step-by-step instructions. Upgrade to the Deluxe Pack which adds a quality laptop and carrying case to meet all your uploading needs and eliminates the need to share a personal computer.

Click here for FITstep Training Videos, Manuals, and Software Downloads.

Pack Options

Basic Pack includes:

  • FITstep Pro Pedometers, 36 Ea
  • Data Readers w/ FITstep MVPA Software, 2 Ea
  • FITstep Storage Case w/ Foam Inserts, 1 Ea
  • 10-Port USB 2.0 Hub, 1 Ea
  • FITstep Pro Training Charts, Set of 7
  • Replacement Batteries, 40 Ea

Deluxe Pack adds:

  • Assessment Laptop, 1 Ea
  • Assessment Laptop Carrying Case, 1 Ea