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FITstep2 Pedometers

As low as $14.95

A pedometer that counts MVPA, steps, and activity time for the best value!

Student exercise data is just a button-press away on our smallest pedometer. Measure steps, activity time, and level of physical activity to help students stay active and engaged in their personal fitness. Its low-profile, high-tech design is durable and simple enough for institutional settings, offering superior functionality in the hands of any age user.


  • Steps
    • Measures total steps taken.
  • Activity Time
    • Measures total time the user is in motion, not accounting for the intensity of the activity. For example, a slow walk would be measured the same as a fast run.
  • MVPA (Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity)
    • See our video series on the FITstep family for further details.
  • Large LCD display offers easy and quick data comprehension.
  • Delayed reset button prevents accidental deletion of user data.
  • Sleep mode saves energy.
  • A compact design reduces distraction during activity.
  • An alligator clip securely attaches to waistbands.
  • A storage case allows you to easily pack up after class and store pedometers.
  • A replaceable battery eliminates hassle of charging between classes.

Pack Options

  • Pedometer Packs. Include FitStep2 Pedometers (15, 30, or 100 Ea) with storage cases.
  • PowerPlus Pack. Includes:
    • pedometers, Set of 36
    • FITstep2 Training Charts, 1 Set
    • 1 Custom Case, 1 Ea
    • Replacement Batteries 40 Ea