FITstep2 PowerPlus Pedometer Packs

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Count MVPA, steps, and activity time while staying on budget with this all-inclusive class pack!

Convenient, all-inclusive packs provide everything you need to track student progress and a custom, heavy-duty case to carry it all in!

Tracking Made Easy

FITstep2 Pedometers allow students to calculate their steps-per-minute (SPM) threshold and program it into the clip-on pedometer (between 80 and 150 SPM). Once reached, the pedometer times and records it as a bout of moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA).

The compact design features a durable, one-piece clip to easily attach the pedometer to waistbands. It has a large LCD display with a delayed reset button to prevent accidental deletion of data.

Long-Lasting Storage

A heavy-duty custom case features a laser-cut foam interior that protects pedometers and keeps them organized when not in use. It also serves as a quick way to see if all pedometers have been returned after use. The case is large enough to carry other pack contents as well.

PowerPlus Pack includes:

  • FITstep2 Pedometers, 36 Ea
  • FITstep2 Training Charts, Set of 7
  • FITstep Storage Case w/ Foam Inserts, 1 Ea
  • Replacement Batteries, 40 Ea