FITstep Pro Uploadable Pedometers

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Our best pedometer for activity tracking features an uploadable data function for PE!

Pedometers provide immediate, tangible feedback on student physical activity levels, and the FitStep Pro pedometer has paved the way for instructors with comprehensive data and easy tracking. FITstep stands for Frequency, Intensity, Time—all important factors in measuring a student’s activity levels—and our FITstep pedometers accurately track all three. Simply wear the pedometer while being active and watch steps, activity time, and MVPA (Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity) accumulate! Then upload it all to custom software in less than 2 seconds! No more clipboards and pencils, forgotten data, or wasted time manually transferring collected data!

About the functionality of the pedometer:
  • FITstep Pro features:
    • Steps
      • Measures total steps taken.
    • Activity Time
      • Measures total time the user is in motion, not accounting for the intensity of the activity. For example, a slow walk would be measured the same as a fast run.
    • MVPA (Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity).
      • See our video series on the FITstep Pro for further details (link below).
  • Upload data digitally to save time and stress.
  • Software functionality includes sorting and filtering, personalized student reports, a quick summary report, and more!
  • A large LCD display can be accessed during use.
  • Delayed reset button prevents accidental deletion of user data.
  • Sleep mode saves energy.
  • An easy-to-read MVPA graph is visible in every mode, providing students with instant feedback.
  • FITstep Pro records complete and accurate data while worn at almost any angle.
  • An alligator clip securely attaches to waistbands.
  • A storage case, included with packs, allows you to easily pack up after class and store pedometers.
  • A replaceable battery eliminates hassle of charging between classes.
  • A longer battery life.

Pedometer Packs include pedometers, data reader with software, and storage boxes. Software is free to download HERE and compatible with either Mac or PC. Data reader also sold separately.