Resolute Weight Bag Set

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Sets of small, curved Bulgarian sandbags provide endless options!

Bulgarian sandbags feature a compact, curved shape to allow for easier overhead moves like flips and slams. Seven diverse handles include 2 dense-foam handles to secure the best grip during workouts, 2 seatbelt-grade nylon loops that hold up to endless swings and tosses, and 3 raised grips along the outer edge for the most versatile range of movements. Additional padding hides stitching for comfort on users' backs and necks.

Color-coded weight markers allow for easy weight identification, so students can spend more time working out and less time setting up during partner drills or group work. The synthetic leather cover is easy to clean after use or between classes.

Set includes 1 ea 10-30 lb sandbags, UltraFit Rack, and 3 laminated UltraFit Sandbag Training Charts.