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Impact DuraGrip Sand Weight Discs

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A durable, custom cover will outlast any other sand weight on the market.

We went all out when designing these sand weights! An impact-resistant cover is tougher than ever! Double-reinforced stitching holds everything together, so they won’t leakno ifs, ands, or loose seams about it.

A thick lip circumfrencing each bag is perfect to hold onto, giving students of all ages the ability to complete powerful lifts, slams, and throws. The grab-and-go design lets students grip the bag from any orientation, eliminating awkward moments of resituating between movements. Each weight is color-coded by premium markers stitched into the cover, so they’ll never wear away or fade over time.

Available individually and in Sets of 5. Size varies by weight.

Sand Weight Dimensions

  • 10 lb. Orange, 12.6" dia
  • 15 lb. Green, 13.4" dia
  • 20 lb. Blue, 15.15" dia
  • 25 lb. Purple, 16.3" dia
  • 30 lb. Maroon, 17.5" dia
  • 40 lb. Light Blue, 18.9" dia
  • 50 lb. Light Green, 19.6" dia

Set Options

  • Light Set. Includes 5 sand weights (2 Ea 10 lb; 1 Ea 15, 20, 25 lb).
  • Heavy Set. Includes 5 sand weights (2 Ea 25 lb; 1 Ea 30, 40, 50 lb).