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DuraGrip Sand Weight Disc Sets

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Extremely versatile sand discs give multiple students a well-rounded workout!

An accessible circular sand weight allows for limitless exercise options, from swings and curls to extensions, squats, and so much more. Plus, students can familiarize themselves with a single piece of equipment while busting out an intense total-body workout.

A soft neoprene shell lets this sand weight go anywhere dumbbells and kettlebells can’t. That means students can break a sweat in the gym without instructors sweating damage to equipment and floors. The cover is also friendlier than bulky equipment and features a thick lip for better grip and control. Now students can confidently master goblet squats, good mornings, and more without requiring a fully stocked weight room.

Each weight is prefilled with quality sand, so there's no messy setup. Color-coded logos provide instant weight identification.

Set Options

  • Light Set includes 5 weights (2 ea 5 lb; 1 ea 10, 15, 20 lb).
  • Heavy Set includes 5 weights (2 ea 25 lb; 1 ea 30, 40, 50 lb).

Sand Weight Dimensions

  • 5 lb. Red, 9.8" dia
  • 10 lb. Orange, 12.6" dia
  • 15 lb. Green, 13.4" dia
  • 20 lb. Blue, 15.15" dia
  • 25 lb. Purple, 16.3" dia
  • 30 lb. Maroon, 17.5" dia
  • 40 lb. Light Blue, 18.9" dia
  • 50 lb. Light Green, 19.6" dia