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AlterForce Adjustable Sandbags

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The first adjustable training sandbag of its kind provides 4 sandbags in 1!

Use less equipment and get more variety in your workout! AlterForce’s innovative design features four sand-filled inner bags that can easily be added or removed to quickly alter the weight of the sandbag. Start small with younger students by using one or two bags, and add more for older students. This design is also great for individual progression training too!
The inner bags are made of soft yet durable neoprene and come prefilled with sand. They run the entire length of the outer bag to create even weight distribution. Easily add or remove each via the outer bag’s zippered end. The tough outer bag is made of moisture-resistant PVC with triple-stitched seams so it stands up to routine slamming and won’t absorb sweat. It also is easy to wipe clean after use, a benefit when using it in group settings. Eight ergonomic handles provide a great grip and are comfortable in hands.


  • Sanbags can be used to train the entire body, from the legs to the core, back to arms, and beyond. By learning to use sandbags, students will be able to perfect their form and optimize their efforts when it comes to both strength training and cardiovascular fitness.
  • Add variety in weight training to keep the mind and body challenged. Introduce weightlifting concepts to newer students with a less intimidating piece of equipment as compared to a metal barbell.
  • Provide an unconventional method for building muscle, boosting overall strength, and burning fat. The secret to sandbag training lies in the slight shift of the load within the sandbag and the odd shape users need to control during lifts and workouts.
  • Bags come pre-filled and ready to use right out of the box! There’s no need to mess around with filling, which can lead to leaking or improperly filled bags.
Choose from 3 sizes!
  • Light (10-40 lb), 25"L x 9" dia
  • Medium (20-80 lb), 33"L x 10" dia
  • Heavy (30-120 lb), 33"L x 12" dia