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DuraGrip Sand Weight Discs

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Get a well-rounded workout anywhere with an extremely versatile sand disc!

Sets of disc-shaped sand weights allow for endless exercise options and are accessible for both beginner and advanced users. This versatile equipment can be used for curls, swings, extensions, squats, and much more, allowing multiple students to simultaneously feel the burn of a total-body workout.

A soft neoprene shell lets these sand weights go anywhere dumbbells and kettlebells can’t. That means students can break a sweat in the gym without instructors sweating damage to equipment and floors. The cover is also friendlier than bulky equipment and features a thick lip for better grip and control. Students master goblet squats, good mornings, and more with confidence and without a fully stocked weight room.

Sand Weight Dimensions

  • 5 lb. Red, 9.8" dia
  • 10 lb. Orange, 12.6" dia
  • 15 lb. Green, 13.4" dia
  • 20 lb. Blue, 15.15" dia
  • 25 lb. Purple, 16.3" dia
  • 30 lb. Maroon, 17.5" dia
  • 40 lb. Light Blue, 18.9" dia
  • 50 lb. Light Green, 19.6" dia