Automated AI Temperature Screening System

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The fastest and least intrusive way to check students’ temperatures!

Check for high body temperatures at the door with incredibly fast and effective AI technology. This fully automated temperature scanner uses highly advanced near-infrared sensory array and AI-driven facial recognition technology to sample more than 200 points on a person’s face. This allows for extremely reliable temperature readings in less than 3 seconds. This speed and accuracy eliminate unnecessary crowding around temperature scanning stations.

Teachers and coaches can choose between the V1 and V2 Pro models to match their unique needs. The V1 is capable of all the above while the V2Pro provides access to a full suite of software functionality including email and SMS notifications and live monitoring push notifications to a computer monitor.

V2 Pro Additional Features

  • Alarm sound on/off
  • Face mask detection
  • Authentication for automated doors (facial recognition & temperature)
  • Sensitivity of facial recognition (tolerance levels)
  • Temperature range customization (what temperature triggers alarm)
  • Data log storage and exportation to Microsoft Excel
  • Ability to add people to an Approved or Blocked list via facial recognition and logging
  • Access to camera live feed

It’s incredibly easy to set up too. Simply hang it up, plug in the 10’L power cable, and turn it on! An optional pedestal (sold separately) allows for even more convenient placement by any door or entry way. Both include a wall mount and 10’L power cable. The V1 is 11-1/2”L x 5”W x 1” thick. The V2 Pro is 9”L x 4-3/4”W x 18” thick.

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