Dynamic Physical Education Curriculum

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The most popular K-12 physical education curriculum of all time—now with a free, interactive website—lays the foundation for a lifetime of commitment to physical fitness.

Built around SHAPE National Standards for Physical Education, this comprehensive curriculum is designed to teach students through activities they enjoy and want to learn. It also provides them with the knowledge they need to maintain a physically active lifestyle into adulthood. The illustrated, hardcover teacher’s textbooks explain in-depth how to implement a quality elementary or secondary PE program, while also improving instruction and working with students with disabilities. From identifying core philosophies, to lesson plans that are targeted and measurable, teachers can take a refined approach to teaching students about the benefits of Physical Education.

Now, the curriculum is also paired with a free, interactive website—DynamicPEASAP.com. This new website replaces the previously printed Dynamic Physical Education Curriculum Guide: Lesson Plans for Implementation. The online resource provides teachers with ready-to-use activities and lesson plans. Teachers can also build their own lesson plans.

Elementary Curriculum. The 18th edition of the Teacher’s Textbook is the most recent, cutting edge edition of the longest-running elementary methods textbook on the market. Dr. Robert Pangrazi explains how to implement a quality elementary physical education program, improve instruction, and evaluate students. Textbook is 747 pages.

Secondary Curriculum. Create a positive, motivating learning environment through curriculum full of activities, games, teaching strategies, and instructional cues. The updated 9th edition textbook includes suggestions and activities for beginning and experienced teachers. Doctors Timothy Brusseau and Heather Erwin made updates that continue to provide teachers with the foundational knowledge they need to teach quality secondary physical education. Textbook is 535 pages.