Active & Healthy Schools (AHS) Complete Program Materials Set


This complete set of AHS Program materials gives you everything you need to implement the AHS Program at your school.

Active & Healthy Schools (AHS) promotes a positive outlook on physical fitness and exercise health by helping institutions create an active culture. This complete set of program materials includes everything teachers need to create a positive impression of fitness and to teach students how to live actively and healthfully. The set includes everything you need to get started!

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An Active and Healthy Culture

Active & Healthy Schools provides a complete road map to establishing a positive outlook on health and fitness in your school. Learn how to generate interest among administration, students, teachers, and parents to promote an active and healthy culture. Discover how the use of equipment—like pedometers to track student's activity levels—increases your program's success. Find out how to set up a fun, active, and problem-free playground, too! Other key strategies explained include:

  • Short activity breaks in the classroom
  • Healthy eating choices
  • Effective before- and after-school programs
  • Sun safety
  • Parent interest and support

With the an Active & Healthy Schools system in place, your students will see fitness and physical health as an essential, critical part of their everyday lives and learn to embrace it and enjoy it. This sets the tone for a healthy outlook on lifestyle and decision-making.

Everything You Need

This pack includes a 92-page program manual and CD with support materials, giving you step-by-step instruction to perform each component of the program. The manual also includes a bonus DVD that shows the AHS Program in action and a CD with a large assortment of teacher reproducibles, program and event promotion documents, program implementation instructions, newsletters, research on physical activity, guidelines for the WIC program, food pyramid, and more!