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From training to competition, purchase track and field hurdles from Gopher Sport!

Gopher equips students and athletes of all skill levels with an assortment of hurdles. Whether you need low hurdles for agility training, adjustable options for height training, or competition-ready hurdles, coaches and teachers will find the options they need.

Elementary adjustable hurdles reach lower heights to accommodate young athletes. PE teachers can also safely introduce jumping techniques using a foam hurdle without worry of injury. As athletes grow in skill level, hurdles evolve with durable aluminum/steel and all-aluminum construction. These designs meet the needs for high school and collegiate hurdling competitions.

Focus on form by attaching a soft brush to the top of the hurdle and let runners identify technique through sound and feel. They can then move on to agility training with low hurdles that emphasize quickness. Looking to get the entire class motivated? Packs with Smart Hurdles adjust from 6” to 42” H for agility workouts and speed drills.

Buy dependable track and field hurdles from Gopher!