UltraFit Training Hurdles

As low as $79.95

Lightweight training hurdles are perfect for developing power, quickness, and coordination.

Use these durable training hurdles to quickly set up and teach countless drills, recovery mechanics, and force application. The shorter hurdles are ideal for lateral and change-of-direction speed, while the taller hurdles are great for linear running mechanics.

Versatile Hurdles

With a single set of hurdles, students can develop power, quickness, coordination and other fundamental skills. In addition, these training hurdles allow for switching your focus from agility to speed or plyometrics without swapping out equipment. Various heights ensure you always have the right hurdle for any student or drill.

Outstanding Mobility

Durable PVC construction is extremely light without sacrificing strength. This allows you carry these hurdles virtually anywhere and create on-the-go obstacle courses and agility drills. An included heavy-duty nylon bag makes transportation even easier and tidies up your equipment while in storage.

Height and Color Choices

There are 4 heights available. The shorter hurdles are great for agility drills, while the taller ones are perfect for linear running mechanics. The 3 color options available also give you extra customization choices. Screamin’ Orange helps the hurdles to stand out on dark surfaces, while Rainbow colors make add creative ways to color-code your exercises and organize equipment.