Screamin' Orange Training Hurdles

As low as $79.95

Develop quick agility skills with bright Screamin’ Orange lightweight training hurdles!

Quickly and easily set up these training hurdles to develop speed and coordination! Vary your agility training with 4 height options to focus on different quickness and coordination movements with multiple ages.

Versatile Training

Versatile hurdles allow users to work on increasing the speed of their footwork, quick change-of-directions, and a variety of other training exercises—all with one set of equipment! Screamin’ Orange color makes the hurdles stick out on any surface, providing users with an easily visible target.

Portable Design

Lightweight, yet durable PVC hurdles are easy to set up for drills and pick up for storage. The included storage bag fits a complete set of 6 hurdles to easily organize, store, and take them anywhere! Bag is constructed of durable nylon material to last against routine use.

Screamin’ Orange UltraFit Training Hurdle Options

Screamin’ Orange UltraFit Training Hurdles are available in sets of 6 in 4 heights with a storage bag.

  • 6”H
  • 9”H
  • 12”H
  • 16”H