Smart Hurdles

As low as $74.95

Versatility and safety are built into these adjustable and fixed-height hurdles!

Whether running agility drills or training for everyday functional movements, these versatile hurdles adapt to your training needs. Hurdles range from 6” to 42”H for use in a wide variety of training regimens.

Highly Adaptable

Choose from different styles and heights to accommodate myriad exercises. Fixed hurdles range from 6" to 12"H. Adjustable hurdles range from 12" to 42"H and offer an extra degree of versatility, easily rising to the unique needs of your students.

Outstanding Design

Soundly constructed from lightweight, high-impact PVC, these hurdles withstand countless impacts in institutional settings. A three-point base improves stability on all surfaces and reduces chances of landing on the hurdle support. Each hurdle folds to lie flat for easy storage and transportation.

Choose from the following hurdle options.

Fixed-Height Smart Hurdles

  • Smart Hurdle #1: 6”H, 20”W, 5 lb
  • Smart Hurdle #2: 12”H, 20”W, 6 lb

Adjustable Height Smart Hurdles

  • Smart Hurdle #3: 12”-18”H, 30”W, 4 lb 6 oz
  • Smart Hurdle #4: 21”-36”H, 36”W, 6 lb
  • Smart Hurdle #5: 27”-42”H, 42”W, 8 lb