Screamin' Orange Agility Ladder

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Shorter agility ladder is easier to see during quick drills!

Half as long as a traditional agility ladder, students can improve their power and agility in short bursts. An entire class can run drills quickly and efficiently, and vibrant orange rungs increase step accuracy!

Improve Speed and Coordination

Agility ladder drills are used to increase foot speed and coordination. Use our shortest ladder (just 15’L!) for drills such as quick shuffle, side step, carioca, and more to efficiently move students through the activity. If you want a longer ladder, buckles on the end allow you to snap multiple ladders together for increased training distance or more of a challenge.

Smart Design

Premium rivets secure rungs to webbing for a solid construction that lasts for years and remains stable during use. The rungs also lay flat and are highly visible in our vibrant Screamin’ Orange, lessening the chance of tripping and increasing success for all ages. The ladder is 15’L x 17”W and quickly folds up to fit in the included bag for convenient transport and storage.