Yukon 2.0 Speed Push & Pull Sled

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Extremely durable and versatile dog training sled, no-frills sled will leave users dog tired!

Add an extra challenge to your workout with our largest and most durable sled! This powder-coated steel dog sled includes a pair of removable upright posts and attachment sites on each end for pushing, pulling, and quick change of direction.

Add Resistance

Whether used as a push or drag sled, the Yukon 2.0 is capable of adding plenty of challenge to your athletes’ workouts! Use the sled alone to add resistance to movements as it’s pushed or pulled forward and improves speed, power, and explosiveness. Need more resistance? Simply drop standard weight plates (not included) on the 18”H center post and push for more of a challenge, or attach a harness and leash to pull it.

Durable Construction

The sled features a heavy-duty 11-gauge steel all-welded construction, making it extremely durable and capable of withstanding intense use and abuse. Powder coating keeps the sled looking new as it prevents chipping, scratching, fading, and rusting.

Versatile Training

Multiple attachments enhance a user’s workout!

  • A set of removable posts (included with the sled) provides quicker transitions, as there is no need to turn the sled around to continue back to the starting point. Simply pull the posts from one side of the sled, insert into the other, and go.
  • A Low-Push Handle attachment features a thick, arched handle for a more comfortable grip and targets the quads to develop greater explosiveness. Low-Push Handle is 17"H, 8 lb.
  • A Lawn Mower Handle attachment keeps athletes upright with a taller posture. Lawn Mower handle is 30"L, 19 lb.

Sled is 40”L x 24”W x 20”H, 83 lb. Complete Set includes Sled with both Handle attachments. Sled and Handles are also sold separately.