Rainbow Agility Ladder

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Brightly-colored, flat rungs add fun, variety, and safety to any workout using this agility ladder for kids.

Improve balance, coordination, and muscle control with a durable agility ladder. Polyethylene webbing and hard plastic rungs last for years, and vibrant Rainbow rungs make it easy to introduce beginners to agility training!

Coordinated Skill Development

Featuring 12 rungs spaced 15" apart, students will be challenged to master a variety of drill movements, including stepping, twisting, and jumping through the ladder. Need additional guidance? Our included instructions detail four popular ladder drills.

Younger students will feel confident getting the hang of stepping over the rungs, while older students can be challenged by a quicker pace and lateral routines. Call out directional cues based on colored rungs mid-drill to keep students on their toes! Conveniently buckle additional ladders to each end for a real test of muscular endurance.

Durable and Portable

Flat-rung design prevents tripping and makes them easier to jump over, especially for beginners. Metal rivets that anchor the strong nylon webbing to ensure rungs won't move or come off. Black polypropylene webbing hides dirt, won't tear, and is flexible. Incredibly lightweight and compact design lets the entire ladder fold up neatly in seconds for storage in a convenient carry bag and effortless transport. Single ladder is 29'6"L x 17"W.