Screamin' Orange Agility Ladders

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These agility speed ladders have a vibrant color to give you the visibility you need indoors and out!

Improve speed, coordination, balance, and conditioning with ladder drills! Our selection features durable, portable, and highly visible ladders to make your training efficient and effective.

Superior Construction

We took the traditional agility ladder design and made it stronger and better by adding extra reinforcement at the rung-to-webbing attachment points, and making it Screamin’ Orange for easier spotting. Other ladders only loop the webbing through the rungs, leaving the chance for rungs to slide around and become uneven, and also making it a vulnerable breaking point. They’re also plain, and not as easy to spot.

We added a metal rivet at the loop sites on the ends of each rung to ensure the rungs remain evenly spaced. This extra reinforcement also guarantees our ladders will withstand the most intense use – even when stepped on! Whether you’re drilling in a gymnasium or fitness center, or outside in the grass or on a track, these ladders can handle it.

The Screamin’ Orange color pops, making it easy to see and navigate through the ladder. Students can focus on technique without having to strain to see the ladder in the grass or on the floor.

Made with tough polyethylene webbing, and heavy-duty plastic flat rungs or nearly indestructible and cleat-resistant round PVC rungs for years of lasting performance.

Portable Tool

These ladders are lightweight, easily fold up, and fit into the included storage bag so you can train and run drill indoors or out. The portability also makes them perfect for station or circuit work, or for supplemental conditioning with sports units or training.

Set them up along the soccer, football, lacrosse, or baseball/softball field, or just off to the side of the basketball or volleyball court, and have students or athletes go through drills at the beginning, middle, or end of practice. Setup and take down is quick and easy – no anchor points and no heavy weights required!

Which ladder is right for me?

All ladders are about 30’L with the rungs placed 15” apart, which is the space of an average stride length and accommodates most students.

The Flat-Rung Single and All-Screamin’ Single ladders are ideal for beginners and younger students. The rungs are 16-5/8”L and 1-1/2”W and lie flat on the floor or ground. The All-Screamin’ Single is completely Screamin’ Orange in color, offering the most visibility. 

The Round-Rung Single is meant for older and more experienced students and athletes. The rungs are 16-5/8”L x 1/2"W and are slightly raised, requiring users to pick their feet up higher for clearance. The round rungs are also extra durable, and won’t break even if stepped on by a user wearing cleats.

The Extra-Wide Single is designed to help older and more experienced students increase lateral stride reach, and is ideal for more dynamic drills. The Flat-Rung Double adds a whole new dimension to training. Use for more complex drills and for sport-specific footwork movements. All ladders include a heavy-duty canvas storage bag with nylon handles for easy carrying, plus instructions for 4 drill activities with diagrams and step-by-step directions.

Screamin’ Orange Agility Ladder Options

Screamin’ Orange Agility Ladders are available in 5 options.

  • Flat-Rung Single, 29'6"L x 17"W
  • All-Screamin' Single, 29'6"L x 17"W
  • Round-Rung Single, 30'L x 16"W (comes in two 15'L pieces and easily buckles together)
  • Extra-Wide Single, 29'6"L x 23"W
  • Flat-Rung Double, 29'6"L x 33"W