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My PE Social-Emotional Learning Packs

As low as $44.95
Everything needed to incorporate social-emotional learning into students’ daily lives.

This pack places emphasis on activities that develop perspective, empathy, self-motivation, and goal setting. Students can practice progressive muscle relaxation with the included yoga mat and play games like, “Don’t Bust the Water Balloon” and “Clouds and Trees” with some of the other equipment in the pack. It includes activities with individual mats, fitness sliders, rubber band balls, chalk, and more!

All activities are completely free to view on the My PE Pack website and share with your students! If you would like more SEL resources, we encourage you to download SHAPE America’s health. moves. minds. service-learning lesson plans.

  • You Pack. All pack components will be bulk shipped together in one large container. After the lot is delivered, you will separate products to create individual kits for students.
  • We Pack. Gopher Sport separates equipment into packs prior to shipping so you receive pre-assembled packs that are ready to hand to students right out of the box. Additional charge and lead time will apply

Pack includes:

  • Yoga Mat, 1 Ea
  • Juggling Scarves, 3 Ea
  • Spot Markers, Set of 3
  • Half Cone, 1 Ea
  • Rubber Band Ball, 1 Ea
  • Fitness Sliders, 1 Pr
  • Washable Sidewalk Chalk, Set of 12
  • Mesh Storage Bag, 1 Ea

Due to the current demand, certain items in each pack may be substituted for a similar product to ensure your order is delivered on time. We appreciate your flexibility!