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CalmEDice Set

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Roll the emotion dice to recognize and regulate feelings!

Students toss the dice to try out different ways to manage their emotions. Recognizing emotions such as stress, sadness, and anger is a key step in learning to regulate those emotions. The pair of 12-sided dice have 24 different ways to help students calm down. With options such as hum, count to 10 slowly, or take 3 deep breaths, students will find the perfect way to calm down. Roll one die or two to find a calming method that works best. Easy-to-read lettering and visual representations offer students a clear understanding of how to try each option.

As a fantastic Social Emotional Learning tool, these SEL dice help students recognize and manage their own emotions or help a friend. Coated-foam dice are durable and will withstand many years of classroom use. Set includes 2 CalmEDice. 7-3/4" dia; 1 lb.