Wilson Soft Compression Softballs

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Level 1 soft compression makes these softballs 93% softer than traditional options.

Soft and friendly for new players, a compression design and spongy core makes hitting, fielding, gripping, and throwing easier. The construction mirrors the look and feel of official softballs, but is much friendlier.


  • 11" or 12"
  • Synthetic-Leather Cover
  • Sponge-Rubber Core

Soft, Friendly Design

The softness of these training softballs for hitting responds to impact with noticeable compression. It deadens the sting of catching and cushions the velocity of hitting. A sponge rubber core makes these softballs lighter for a loftier flight that helps fielders learn positioning and batters learn timing. Ultra-Grip synthetic leather cover has a tackiness that allows students to pick up, handle, and throw with better accuracy.