Team Ring Toss Set

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Heavy-duty horseshoe rings for kids and extra-sturdy goals create a fun indoor/outdoor activity.

Test accuracy, depth perception, and tossing skills with a classic ring tossing game. Set includes everything needed for up to 8 games at once and is designed for younger students in grades 1-8. Color-designated horseshoe rings make it easy to divide teams, while included instructions help teachers set up different game variations.

Fun for the Whole Class

With 16 goal and 32 foam rings, this ring tossing set includes enough equipment for up to 8 courts. This allows up to 32 players to play simultaneously. Easily divide students into teams thanks to distinct blue and red rings. Rings make it easy to keep track of each player's tosses, and allow for easy counting at the end of the match by simply identifying the colors stacked up on the post.

Easy to Setup and Play

Included activity instructions make it easy to outline the rules of the game and help students gain an understanding quickly. To set up the game, simply drop the bases with posts on the playing area at a predetermined length from where students will be tossing. Teaching students how to play this game is simple:

  1. Players alternate tossing rings toward the post.
  2. After all rings have been tossed, tally the points scored by each player:
  • A ringer earns 3 points.
  • A ring landing close to the target earns 1 point. (If a red ring lands closer to the target post than the nearest blue ring, a point is awarded.)
  1. Only 1 team can score points during its turn.
  • Players can cancel out a teammate's ringer by tossing a ringer themselves.
  1. Play to 21 points.

Tough, Safe Equipment

Heavy-duty goals have a wide, stable rubber base with a 9-1/2"H PVC post so they won't tip over during game play. Durable 10" dia foam rings are lightweight and safe, yet fly true when tossed indoors. Set also comes with a DuraBag duffel for easy transportation from the storage closet to the gym. It also keeps everything within this set organized and safe while in storage.