Teach-nique Fitness Assessment Banners

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Unit:  Set of 4

Assess students properly and efficiently in a large-group setting with fitness testing banners!

Large photos and easy-to-follow instruction on these 5'W x 3'H fitness banners clearly walk students through popular fitness assessments, focusing on technique so each is completed properly. Heavy-duty vinyl construction features hanging grommets in all 4 corners for easy setup/take down and switching between units.

Large Banners Enhance Assessments

Each banner features large images that include motion arrows and start and stop positioning. This allows students to easily see what their body positioning should look like during each assessment. "Do and Don't" tips continue to show students proper form. Set includes 4 banners to asses Curl-Up, Push-Up, Trunk Lift, and Sit & Reach skills.

Long-Lasting Construction

Made of heavy-duty vinyl, these banners resist ripping and fraying for years of use. 5'W x 3'H banners include metal grommets, making it easy to set up and take them down.