Stryke'N Score Bowling Set

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Roll the dice with a new take on bowling!

Add a twist to your bowling unit with this unique game that also gets students practicing their math skills! Players roll the ball and knock over the custom six-sided pins that mimic a die. Once knocked over, students look for certain numbers facing up based on the teacher's direction to form pairs, straights, and more.

Add a Math Twist to Bowling

To play, students roll the ball and knock down the dice pins, just like traditional bowling. But instead of totaling the number of pins knocked over, student focus on the dots facing up just like when rolling a die. They attempt to get different sequences that focus on numbers and math while playing.

Included activity instructions feature three bowling math games with variations so teachers can easily tailor activities to their class. The main game, Stryke'N Score, requires students to complete different sequences like pairs, three-of-a-kinds, and straights to score points. Once a team completes all 13 sequences, they win!

Set includes durable plastic pins in fun Rainbow colors that stand up to consistent use. The included bowling ball is the foam 2.5 lb Tuff Stryke Bowling Ball, a perfect ball for all ages. A VersaBag mesh storage bag holds all the included equipment for easy storage and transportation.

Set includes:

  • Stryke'N Score Pins, Set of 6
  • Tuff Stryke Bowling Ball, 2-1/2 lb, 2 Ea
  • VersaBag Mesh Storage Bag, 1 Ea
  • Activity Instructions