SaniSpray Disinfectant Sprayers

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Maximize room sanitizing potential for convenient sprayer systems!

Machines feature a high flow rate and improved atomization of disinfecting chemicals to quickly sanitize rooms. Adjust the flow pressure on all sprayers from 0 to 1,000 psi, depending on the surface being cleaned. All systems include an assortment of cleaning tips to suit the task at hand and a 15"L spray extension to extend the reach of the sprayer.

Airless Handheld Sprayers. Smallest sprayer system is highly portable, making it ideal for small, quick jobs. Includes a 42 oz bag system to hold cleaner. Available as a corded or cordless option. Cordless system includes 2 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and charger. Sprays up to 2.5 gallons (320 oz) on each charge.

Electric Airless Hopper Sprayer. A 1.5-gallon hopper extends spraying time during larger cleaning tasks. Add up to 300' of hose to extend the reach of the lightweight sprayer without having to move the unit. Corded machine includes a powerful DC motor for improved spraying power.

Cart Sprayer. Connect and use up to 2 spray guns at the same time on this machine for faster performance. Cart makes it easy to roll the sprayer and chemical bucket together wherever the system is needed. Add up to 300' of hose to extend the reach of the sprayer. Corded machine includes a MAXPOWER Motor for enhanced performance.