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Rainbow UltraPlay Playground Balls

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This playground ball has the softest playground cover and a tough construction for low-impact activity!

Feel the difference with the three-ply, soft-touch rubber cover and just enough windings for improved shape retention! These balls provide a semi-soft feel for lower-impact activities on the playground or in the gym.

This ball resists wear and tear from contact with any surface, indoors and out. This allows for rough play day after day during recess and Physical Education classes. Even with its tough and thick cover, it also has a soft surface that makes it a friendly option for students of all ages.

An airlock butyl bladder helps the ball keep its round shape for longer periods of use. Use these balls for a wide variety of games, from kickball to foursquare and more.

Fun Rainbow colors make it easy for instructors to separate students into groups for different relay activities or games.