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Rainbow UltraPin Plus Bowling Sets

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Brightly-colored pins are weighted without sand for less mess!

These weighted pins are made of durable polyethylene plastic and will endure consistent play for years to come. They do not rely on sand to stay in place, creating less mess. The design also reacts similarly to standard pins for a realistic bowling experience.

Weighted and Durable Design

Traditionally, weighted plastic bowling pins use sand to add weight for more stability. Instead, UltraPin Plus pins include extra plastic in the base to keep pins upright. This eliminates the chance of pins breaking open and spilling sand. The added weight from the extra plastic creates a realistic reaction when pins are hit. The design also makes it more challenging to knock them over because it takes slightly more force when throwing the ball.

Each set of 10 pins comes with a score pad so students can manually keep their scores. They also include a bowling pin template for quick and accurate pin placement when setting up a game. Choose from 10-pin sets in individual colors or a Rainbow Set of 60 pins to equip the entire class. Each pin is 15" H; 12 oz.