Rainbow Balance Discs

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Improve balance and strengthen muscles with these compact, durable rainbow-colored discs!

Instability training helps younger students build up their smaller fast-twitch muscles and core strength. Balance discs easily add instability to any exercise routine and moderate the level of difficulty for students.

Enhance balance and strengthen vital muscle fibers by incorporating this durable PVC balance disc into any regular workout regimen. Whether sitting on it or standing on it, the additional instability requires the body to be active and increases the challenge of any workout to the user's preference. Simply add more air for a more stable surface and less of a challenge, or remove air for less stability and a difficult workout.

Durable PVC construction withstands any use and abuse from young students in institutional settings. The 13" disc features a slightly textured top for better traction and supports up to 300 lb.

Each set includes 6 balance discs and a laminated activity guide.