NutriPlay Roll-N-Fit

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Roll your way to a healthier lifestyle.

In this dice game for kids, teams roll coated-foam food group dice that also include an exercise. The teacher then rolls the numbered die to determine the number of reps players perform of the exercise listed on their die.

Roll for Good Health

Get ready to roll for a balanced diet while also staying active! Divide the class into 5 equal teams and give each team a food group die. Teams roll the dice as the teacher rolls the numbered die to determine the number of reps. Players perform the exercise on their team's die, and then collect the food group that landed side up. If a team lands on the junk food side, players still do the exercise but do not collect a food group. The first team to collect all food groups wins.

Another game involves rolling the dice until a certain food group comes up. Teachers can also assign each team a food group, and players continue rolling the dice until they roll that food group on each die.

Safe, User-Friendly Construction

The dice are made of coated foam, so they are soft and safe for all users. Five of them are labeled with different foods and exercises, and one is just numbers (which is meant for the teacher). Foods on the dice include potatoes, salmon, pasta, strawberry, snack cakes, and grapes. Exercises on the dice include jump high, crab walk, lunges, and running in place.

Pack includes 1 numbered teacher die, 5 food group dice, a VersaBag mesh storage bag, and activity instructions.