NutriPlay Food-Tag Frenzy Set

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It's a race to fill your plate with healthy foods from each food group!

Teach healthy eating with this physical education nutrition game that emphasizes the importance of the food groups and a balanced diet. Teams race to gather beanbags then place them on their dinner plate mats in the appropriate food group.

Actively Learn about Nutrition

Students work together in groups during this relay-style game to gather beanbags and place them in the correct food group on their mats. But watch out! If you're tagged by a junk food tagger while gathering a beanbag, you must freeze and drop the bag until a healthy food tagger comes to free you. The first team to fill its plate with the correct number of servings from each food group wins.

Add variety to the game by using different movements to gather beanbags. For example, have students skip, jump, or walk backwards, or have “frozen" students do an exercise until a healthy tagger reaches them.

All Inclusive and Made to Last

Durable, vinyl-covered beanbags last game after game. They feature foods from the 5 food groups including dairy, grains, fruits, vegetables, and protein. Vinyl mats mimic a dinner plate. An included heavy-duty nylon bag allows for easy storage and transportation.

Pack includes 120 food beanbags, 6 Food-Tag Frenzy mats, Food-Tag Frenzy pinnies, a Food-Tag Frenzy bag, and activity instructions.