NutriPlay HealthySpots

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Teach students the food groups and develop motor skills with eye-catching Rainbow spots!

An excellent teaching tool, these spots keep kids moving while learning how to make good food choices. Made of resilient and flexible polyvinyl, each spot features molded-in designs that will not wear off. Set is extremely versatile and easy to incorporate into multiple nutrition games!

Hustle to be Healthy

Get every student involved while hustling to collect healthy spots. When they get back to their team, players perform an exercise based on the food group they collected. After completing the exercise, the next team member races to grab another spot and repeats the process. When all spots are gone, the team that collected the most spots wins.

Another game involves racing during a relay to collect a spot from each food group. Or you can use the spots during a version of musical chairs with players trying to land on and collect spots from each food group.

Durable, Safe Design

Spots are made of flexible polyvinyl that will not slip on floors. The food is molded-in rather than printed on the spots, preventing them from wearing off. Foods include potatoes, tomatoes, milk, yogurt, strawberries, bananas, red peppers, and cottage cheese.

Pack includes 30 vinyl spots with 6 per food group (grains, vegetables, dairy, fruit, and protein) and activity instructions.