Garden Heroes Beanbag Activity Packs

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Go ahead and play with your food using these plush beanbags!

Combine nutrition and physical fitness using this exciting activity pack. It incorporates all 6 national PE standards and 3 National Health Education standards.

Fun Learning Tool

Garden beanbags combine nutritional information with different exercises and activities to keep students engaged while learning. The plush characters are featured in 20 activities that are creative, yet physically challenging for elementary students. The games also incorporate math (sorting and counting) and reading skills. Included guide features both skill building activities and games. Available in a complete pack or in individual sets.

Complete Pack includes:

  • Garden Heroes Beanbags, 24 Ea
  • Rainbow DuraHoop Hoops, 24" dia, Set of 12
  • UltraPin Nonweighted Bowling Set, 1 Set
  • Rainbow Vinyl Spots, 9" dia, Set of 6
  • Rainbow Plastic Cones, 12"H, Set of 12
  • Pacer 200 Stopwatch, 1 Ea
  • Activity Book, 2 Ea