NutriPlay NutriKnockDown

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Bowling game for kids promotes nutritious knock-down fun!

Teach students the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods while reinforcing the positive effects of exercise. Teams race to collect healthy and unhealthy beanbags, returning the healthy foods to their own shopping bag while adding unhealthy foods to other teams' bags.

Aim for Good Food Choices

This fun and educational twist on bowling teaches players how to identify good foods. During one game, students form teams and designate 2 players as "junk food" taggers. Each team is assigned a food group, and those players work together to knock down their food group pins with their food group balls. But watch out the taggers! They can block the balls from hitting the pins. The first team to knock down all of its food group pins wins.

Another game involves assigning point values to various food groups and learning how to aim to get the most points. Players can also focus on knocking down a pin from each food group.

All-in-One Pack

Plastic bowling pins are color coded according to food group. Coated-foam balls are 6.3" dia, making them easy to hold and throw. The durable coating on the balls holds up to routine use. There are 12 balls included (2 yellow junk food and 2 for each food group). The nylon pinnies are made of nylon and able to withstand use for years to come.

Pack includes 20 pins, 12 foam balls, 2 junk food pinnies (Medium), 2 mesh bags (1 Ea Large, XL), and activity instructions.