Fox 40 Micro Pealess Whistles

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Smaller whistles with the same benefits as full-size options.

Perfect for any sport in any conditions, these whistles for PE are pealess, meaning they can't be overblown or jammed. Pealess whistles are reliable and long-lasting thanks to their single-piece, molded BPA-free plastic construction. Single-piece design ensures whistles can stand up to being blown, jostled, dropped, and more. Rinse in water for easy cleaning without the fear of rusting.

Micro whistles provide all the same benefits as full-size whistles, but with a smaller and more compact, durable design that makes it ideal for easy storage and quick use. They are perfect for a range of activities including field sports, track and field, and swimming activities.

Choose whistles in a Rainbow Set of 6 or in a Rainbow Plus Set of 8 (1 Ea Rainbow color; plus 1 Ea black, white). Whistles also available individually in black. Each whistle set comes with breakaway lanyards.