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Floor Hockey Pucks

As low as $3.95

Customize your game with pucks in a variety of materials and colors.

Choose pucks in a variety of sizes, materials, and colors to best fit your class’s needs! Bright colors add to your ability to organize classes into different games and teams.

Floor Hockey Puck Options

  • Rainbow PowerPlay Plastic Pucks. Our plastic pucks are our most basic, entry-level pucks. Rainbow colors help with class organization and drills. For example, students with yellow pucks can practice slap shots. 2-3/4" dia.
  • Shield Soft Shot Vinyl Pucks. Pucks have soft vinyl strings that sting less if/when contact is made between the puck and players. A hollow core also helps make this the softest puck we have. 2-3/4" dia.
  • PowerPlay PVC Pucks. More durable than entry-level plastic thanks to a thicker wall and more weight. Plastic pucks will handle heavier use and play far better than other plastic options. 2-3/4" dia.
  • DOM SuperSafe Foam Pucks. Make for better stick-to-puck contact. A tough outer skin covers a foam core, yet remains incredibly soft and friendly, eliminating the chance for injuries if it hits a student. Contoured edges help reduce wind drag during play. 4" dia. Color varies.
  • FeltSlider Puck. Have a unique glide across the floor, especially compared to the others in our selection. It will play most similarly to an ice hockey puck. 3" dia.
  • Shield Hex Vinyl Pucks. Flexible, durable vinyl puck has a plastic skid plate for a smoother, faster glide. 3" dia.
  • Shield Beanbag Pucks. Durable double-backed nylon cover with beanbag filling glides smoothly on indoor surfaces. 3" dia.