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Fling N' Dodge Discs

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Unit:  Set of 6

Add a twist to dodgeball-style games by tossing a foam disc instead!

Use this oversized coated-foam flying disc for dodgeball games to put a new spin on the fun! The soft foam is non-intimidating to catch yet instantly springs back to shape for a return throw! A neon green color makes it easy to spot during flight so students can practice dodging more effectively. 1” thick construction lasts for years during institutional use.

Instant Game Ideas

Included activity instructions provide fun game ideas right out of the box! For example, in DodgeDisc, players are separated into two equal teams and start at their own backline. At the signal, both teams rush to grab discs positioned along the center line. It’s a mad dash to toss discs at opposing players to remove them from play. The team with remaining players at the end, wins! In a free-for-all version of the game, it’s every player for themselves, but players can’t move when in possession of a disc! The last player remaining, wins.

Each disc is 14” dia; 1/2 lb. Set includes 6 discs and activity instructions.