Field Day At-Home Pack

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Bring the excitement and activity of field day equipment to your back yard!

Enough equipment for the entire family to get involved, this field day pack offers 3 of the most classic activities. Don't let the egg fall off the spoon as you race to either hand it off to your partner or get to the finish line. We've included enough for multiple racers to compete or double the challenge by having racers carry two spoons and eggs at the same time. Keep the relay race going with TaterSacks and Hop-Along bouncers - both are sure to get your heart racing and leave smiles on everyone's faces. Create your own obstacle course and go for a personal best or include the whole family in a relay race - last place does the dishes!

Includes 1 Rainbow Egg and Spoon Set of 6, 2 individual TaterSacks, and 2 individual Hop-Along Bouncers (24" dia, Blue).