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CurlingPro Curling Set

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No longer bound to the ice, curling can be played on any smooth surface.

Bring an introductory curling-style game to your classroom, without needing the ice! Players glide the curling stones toward the target, and the one closest to the bullseye scores a point. The game helps develop hand/eye coordination and teaches the fundamentals of curling. Each rugged plastic stone mimics the look of an actual stone and features a TPR bumper to create a more realistic reaction when the stones collide!

Realistic Design

This unique curling set allows for game play on hard gym floors. Stones have smooth ball-bearing rollers on the bottom to mimic the action of real stones on ice. Each also has a TPR edge to create a more realistic reaction when 2 stones hit. It also minimizes wear and tear during contact.

Bring Curling to Class

Just like traditional curling on ice, the idea is to get as many of your stones as close to the target (button), as possible. Each set comes with activity instructions with detailed images and game options, providing teachers with all the tools needed to teach this activity to a large class.

Understanding Curling Basics

At the signal, the red team throws first, sliding the stone across the floor, aiming for the center of the target. Players cannot step over the scratch line when throwing. If they do, no points can be collected on that stone. Teams alternate throwing, red and blue until all stones have been thrown. This is considered one round. At the end of each round, teams evaluate the positions of the stones according to the target. The team whose stone is closest to the bull's-eye is considered the winning team and earns 1 point, plus 1 point for each of its stones that is closer to the bull's-eye than their opponent's closest stone. Only the winning team can score points in a round. The maximum points earned per round is 4. Players tally points and return to the scratch line with their stones to throw again. Play continues for 8 rounds.

Each stone measures 6"H x 10" dia; 3-1/2 lb. Set includes 8 stones (4 ea red, blue), vinyl mat (48" sq), and storage bag. Mat also sold separately.