Complete CircuitPro Circuit Pack Station Boards & Teacher Cards

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Instruction boards and teacher cards compliment existing CircuitPro stations

Complement CircuitPro Circuit Packs with visual instructions of exactly how to use your existing equipment to its fullest! Instructive station boards are paired with corresponding equipment (8 boards per piece of fitness equipment, 48 total) to clearly display easy-to-follow instructions for how to properly exercise at each station.

An example of information on a station card is as follows:

The Conditioning Ropes Chop Waves station

Duration: 30 seconds.

Start: Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width apart, knees bent, back straight. Grasp Ropes in hands with forward grip.

Move: Keep handles 6" apart and raise to right shoulder. Snap wrists across the body to the left knee.

Stop: Stop when hands reach left knee. Alternate sides throughout set. To increase difficulty: twist trunk while performing for larger range of motion.

Having clear, concise, thorough instructions for each station within the circuit means students are learning the proper way to utilize equipment and condition their bodies. This will serve as foundational information when it comes to avoiding injury and strengthening core muscles appropriately.

Teacher overview cards guide you through setup and implementation of the circuit and include specific instructions for each fitness skill, to ensure your class is all on the same page when it comes to working out.