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UltraFit Total Cross-Training Room

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Outfit your cross-training room with a variety of premium equipment.

Set up an entire room or area specifically for cross training with an assortment of our most popular cross training equipment! Detailed instruction guides students through their workouts and custom storage protects and organizes equipment. 

Everything You Need

Take the guesswork out cross training and purchase this entire room! This pack includes the most popular equipment in multiple sizes to keep classes and workouts constantly varied and scalable based on size and age. The equipment in this pack is best used in an area with rubber flooring, but can also be used outside.

Laminated training charts provide a self-directed workout with minimal guidance needed from the teacher. Plus, kettlebell, medicine ball, plate, and jump rope storage keep multiple pieces organized and together when note in use.

Pack includes:

  • UltraFit Alpha Kettlebells (2 ea 8, 12, 24 kg; 3 ea 16, 20 kg) with Rack, Set of 12
  • UltraFit Evolution Medicine Balls (3 ea 10, 14, 20 lb) with Rack, Set of 9
  • PowerSurge Bumper Plates (2 ea 10-45 lb) and IronRange Plate Harbor Horizontal Plate Rack, 1 Ea
  • IronRange Mesabi Men's Olympic Bar, 1 Ea
  • IronRange Cuyuna Women's Olympic Bar, 1 Ea
  • QuickGrip Spring Bar Collars, 2 Pr
  • Triad 3-in-1 Wood Plyo Boxes (Large), 2 Ea
  • MagneTurn Cable Speed Ropes with Rack, Set of 13
  • UltraFit Beast Bands (2 ea X-Light-Medium), Set of 6
  • Gopher Ignition Interval Timer, 1 Ea
  • UltraFit Cross Training Charts (24"L x 18"W), Set of 8