UltraFit CircuitPro Rainbow Circuit Pack

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Colorful Rainbow fitness circuit takes your class through the entire fitness spectrum!

Color-coded stations make it easy for students to stay on-task during PE class, and streamlined setup and takedown leave maximum time for fun! Vivid colors and bodyweight exercises combine for a welcoming environment for students to learn the dynamics of circuit training.

Color-Coded Excellence

Six Rainbow colors correspond to six stations, allowing students to easily flow through the circuit. Colors also streamline setup and takedown of fitness circuits and keep equipment organized. Designate a group of students to unpack or pack up, saving time that can be used for physical activity. Lastly, no equipment will be misplaced or lost in the shuffle—taking inventory via color identification is fast and easy.

Non-Intimidating Workout

Bodyweight exercises in this circuit pack are non-intimidating for many students who may be anxious about using heavy weights and gym equipment. Students can jump into any activity quickly, instead of having to learn safe operation of specific equipment at every station. Bodyweight training is also considered the safest form of training because it eliminates the prospect of misused equipment or accidents cause by inexperienced equipment use.

Easy Instruction

Included training boards show and explain movements for each piece of equipment at the station. Each board features large, vivid images for start and stop positions and clear step-by-step instructions for each movement. Teacher cards further explain the movements and show how to efficiently set up the class for best results.

Pack Includes:

  • Rainbow UltraFit Pro Stability Balls (55 cm), Set of 6
  • STEPerfect Fitness Steps (6"H), Set of 6
  • Rainbow ExerFit Core Balance Discs (13"dia), Set of 6
  • Rainbow ProStretch Resistance Tubes with Plastic Handles, Set of 6
  • Rainbow ExerFit Workout Mats (1/2" thick x 48"L), Set of 6
  • Rainbow Speed Ropes (8'L), Set of 6
  • Rainbow Training Hurdles (9"H), Set of 6
  • Rainbow SmartHolder Cones (9-1/4"H), Set of 6
  • Rainbow Station Boards/Teacher Overview Cards, Set of 6
  • Rainbow VersaBag Mesh Storage Bags (XXL), Set of 6