ComboCourt Badminton System

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Easily set up 3 badminton courts in seconds with back-to-back nets that span the width of your gym!

Wall-mounted badminton net system spans the entire length of the gym to quickly create 3 courts. It attaches at each end using tether mounts permanently installed in the wall for immediate access. No standards, floors sleeves, or multiple systems required! Connect tether strap to the desired numbered height on the wall. String out nets and connect to the opposite wall at the same height. Use custom buckles to tighten the nets, and it's complete!

Maximum tether length between the wall and first net is 15'L. Maximum system length is 98'L. Recommended placement for the wall mount brackets is above and below wall-mounted padding behind basketball systems. Watch our instructional video for setup details and space requirements.

System includes 3 custom badminton nets (21'L x 30"H), tether strap system, mounting hardware, wall brackets, and storage bag for tether straps. If you're gym has extra space, an additional net is also sold separately to expand the entire system up to 4 nets total.