Coaching Youth Sports Books

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Discover techniques to confidently coach youth soccer, football, track & field, and lacrosse.

These guides to coaching cover everything needed to coach 3 popular sports. Chapters are devoted to teaching and developing skills, planning and conducting practices, and coaching during games.

Comprehensive Sport Resources

Written by experts in each sport, these books provide field-tested tips and drills for students 14 and under. In addition to mastering the fundamentals, players will also be challenged to expand their repertoire of skills and use the techniques they learn in games to get a competitive advantage. Each of the 3 books details implementation, activities, positions, and more.

  • Coaching Youth Football. Endorsed by American Youth Football, this 241- page book provides a comprehensive introduction into one of America’s favorite sports. Content focuses on 8- to 14-year old players.
  • Track & Field Coaching Essentials. This can be a tough sport to coach, with its multiple events and demanding performance level. This 304-page book is written by USATF (USA Track & Field), a national governing body for the sport. Coaches and students will learn the science behind each event and how to rise to the top.
  • Lacrosse Essentials. This 207-page book is known as the sport’s best guide! Get students passing, catching, shooting, and more thanks to Lacrosse expert and coaching legend Jack Kaley!


Coaching Youth Football

  • Chapter 1. Stepping Into Coaching
  • Chapter 2. Communicating as a Coach
  • Chapter 3. Understanding Rules and Equipment
  • Chapter 4. Providing for Players’ Safety
  • Chapter 5. Making Practices Fun and Practical
  • Chapter 6. Teaching and Shaping Skills
  • Chapter 7. Coaching Offense
  • Chapter 8. Coaching Defense
  • Chapter 9. Coaching Special Teams
  • Chapter 10. Coaching on Game Day
  • Chapter 11. Developing Season and Practice Plans

Track & Field Coaching Essentials

  • Part I Fundamentals of Coaching Track and Field
    • Chapter 1. Positive Coaching
    • Chapter 2. Ethics and Risk Management
  • Part II Science of Coaching
    • Chapter 3. Sport Psychology
    • Chapter 4. Sport Biomechanics
    • Chapter 5. Sport Physiology
    • Chapter 6. Training Design
    • Chapter 7. Biomotor Training for Speed and Power Events
  • Part III Running Events and Relays
    • Chapter 8. Sprints
    • Chapter 9. Relays
    • Chapter 10. Endurance Running and Racewalking
    • Chapter 11. Hurdles
  • Part IV Jumps
    • Chapter 12. Coaching Jumping Events
    • Chapter 13. Horizontal Jumps
    • Chapter 14. Vertical Jumps
  • Part V Throws
    • Chapter 15. Coaching Throwing Events
    • Chapter 16. Shot Put
    • Chapter 17. Discus
    • Chapter 18. Hammer
    • Chapter 19. Javelin

Lacrosse Essentials

  • Chapter 1. The Game of Lacrosse
  • Chapter 2. Ground Balls, Stick Drills, and Swarming
  • Chapter 3. Offensive Skills and Drills
  • Chapter 4. Deuces and Motion Offense
  • Chapter 5. Offense Versus Zone Defense
  • Chapter 6. Defensive Skills and Drills
  • Chapter 7. Team Defense
  • Chapter 8. Clearing
  • Chapter 9. Riding
  • Chapter 10. Extra-Man Offense
  • Chapter 11. Man-Down Defense
  • Chapter 12. Special Situations