Climbing Rope & Net Accessories

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All steel ceiling hardware and safety cable attachment for climbing ropes and nets.

These safety attachments for securing climbing ropes in gyms allow for installation almost anywhere, with the peace of mind that ropes will bear the full weight of climbers. Easy setup takes only minutes to complete!

Reliable Construction

I-Beam clamp prevents strain on the rope at the point of connection. All-steel construction ensures safety and reliability when students climb ropes and nets. The steel will not crack, warp, bend, or break as students ascend. Link ropes to the welded ring on the clamp for a reliable and secure connection. Available in 3.5"-8"W. Adjust the width by loosening a 1/2" threaded rod and moving the clamp in or out.

Additional Safety For Climbers

Add a Safety Cable Attachment to your rope for extra security while climbing. It fits over a 1-1/2" dia rope and provides an immediate backup hanger if other hardware fails. Loop the strong cable around the I-Bean and connect it a steel clamp at the top of the rope. This is a great security device to ensure safety for all climbers, however it should not be used as a primary hanging device or in place of the I-Beam clamp.