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ClickPro MagnePull Flag Belt System

Unit:  Set of 6

Flag football belt system features sewn-in magnets in the flags and belts for fumble-free flag attachment!

Get a set of flag football belts for kids that are easy to put on and take off! Plus, with magnets sewn into the flags, they attach perfectly every time. choose from a 12- or 24-player set to outfit your class!

Secure Flag Attachment

Each belt has three 2”W x 17”L flags positioned at each hip and on the back. Flags and belts have magnets sewn in, allowing them to attach perfectly and stay secure until pulled by an opponent. A white indicator dot on each flag shows users where to secure on the belt.

Easy On, Easy Off

Each belt features our popular ClickPro buckle with a single button, which is super easy to take on and off and locks securely so the belt doesn’t fall off until released. Used these for flag football, or to mix up your next game of tag or no-boundaries dodgeball—their possibilities are endless!

All belts are Medium size, perfect for 26” to 38” waists.