All-Weather Soccer Nets

As low as $49.95

Whether it's a league match or for PE classes, find the nets you need for both official and mid-size goals!

Get the perfect nets for official- and mid-size goals at your school or facility. These nets for soccer goals come in varying options of mesh, style, and color.

Choosing the Right Net

As you determine which net is right for your needs, you have choices such as mesh type, net type, net diameter, and color. Braided nets are stronger than twisted nets, and knotless netting is stronger than knotted. Net diameter partially determines the durability, performance, and price of a net. Economical nets typically have a 2 mm thick rope, while more advanced, pro-level nets use a 3.5 mm rope and up.

Polyethylene nets are ideal for outdoor play as they will never rot in bad weather. Nylon nets are ideal for indoor or portable outdoor play as they have a higher tear strength but are not meant for extended periods of play outside.

Nets for Official-Size Goals. Fits goals 24'W x 8'H x 10'D.

  • School Model: 5” sq mesh, twisted net, 2.5 mm net dia.
  • Tournament Model: 5” sq mesh, twisted net, 3 mm net dia.
  • Pro Model: 5” sq mesh, twisted net, 4 mm net dia.
  • Championship Model: 5” sq mesh, braided net, 5 mm net dia.
  • Competition Model: Hex mesh, braided net, 4.5 mm net dia.

Nets for Mid-Size Goals. Fits goals 12'W x 7'H x 4'D.

  • Nylon: 5.5” sq mesh, twisted net, 1.6 mm net dia, White only.
  • Polyethylene: 5” sq mesh, twisted net, 2.5 mm net dia, Orange only.
  • Polyethylene: 4.75” sq mesh, twisted net, 3 mm net dia, White only.