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Purchase ball inflators for sports and PE classes from Gopher Sport!

It’s important to keep balls properly inflated for the best playability during play. From classic to large-ball inflators, you will find an option that fits your class or team needs here at Gopher.

If you’re looking for low-maintenance manual inflators, our compact ball pumps supply coaches and teachers with on-the-go options to quickly inflate balls. Portable inflators promote rugged outdoor use so the game or practice never has to stop because of deflated equipment. For quick ball inflation, electric inflators restore balls to their true size in just seconds.

Gopher inflation needles offer universal solutions that work with any inflator. To extend the life of sports or playground balls, sealers repair holes for a strengthened rebound and shape.

Which Type of Inflator is Right for Me?


  • Designed for smaller balls such as basketballs, volleyballs, etc. Require no electricity or batteries but takes more time to inflate, making them great for casual use.


  • Designed for fast inflation of smaller balls such as basketballs, volleyballs, etc. Most models require electricity but will provide a quicker inflation time and come in a variety of models to suit your usage needs. For ultimate portability, a battery-powered inflator is also available.

Air Compressor

  • Designed for inflation of almost anything and ultimate portability for on-the-go inflation.

Large-Ball Inflators

  • Specifically designed to quickly inflate large balls and cage balls. A more powerful engine delivers a faster inflation time.

Keep balls of all sizes in top condition. Purchase inflators from Gopher!