Manual Floor Pump Inflator

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Our fastest, most durable manual ball inflator.

This manual foot pump inflator is made of durable iron, making it ideal for rugged use indoors or out. It comes with 3 inflation tips, a standard inflation needle, and an easy-to-see PSI gauge.

Fast, Manual Inflation

To get the air flowing, just stand the pump up, connect insert the needle into the ball, and start pumping the handles. The larger body construction leads to more PSI per pump for faster inflation.

Rugged Design

The iron body on this pump is ready to stand strong against the wear and tear that comes with heavy manual use. Set up this pump outdoors on pavement and asphalt, indoors on gym floors and tile, or anywhere else you need to pump up a ball—the durable design will weather any environment.

Inflator is 20"H x 1-1/4" dia; 3 lb.